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We close April 13..... don't be sad we will have ice again in October! Until then enjoy our summer activities

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Public Skate is a great way to have fun. This is our last week of public skating, check out our schedule for our final session times.

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Summer is Coming! Sign up for Roller Hockey Today!

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Help expand our rink, Join The 300 Club today!

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The Gala Was A Huge Success!

Welcome to the Palouse Ice Rink -- Serving the Palouse since 1999

The Palouse Ice Rink is your premier location for winter activities. We provide a community friendly atmosphere where individuals can enjoy a range of differenct activities from ice skating to curling. Learn more about the different programs we provide by exploring our website.

  • Hockey

    The Palouse Ice Rink is proud to offer hockey for all age and skill levels. To learn more about our current hockey offering please visit our hockey page.
  • Curling

    Are you looking for a sport that is engaging, fun, and provides a great place to socialize. Learn more about curling today.
  • Figure Skating

    Figure skating is a great way to improve balance, skating skills and technique. Learn more about what the Palouse Ice rink has to offer.
  • Contact Us

    We are always here to help. Please contact us with any question or concern you might have.